“Yes, I’m Really Eating This!”: Navigating Diet Talk This Thanksgiving

Tips on how to stand up for yourself while you’re sitting down for dinner.

“Are you really eating that?” “I’m on a new diet!” “That’s not healthy.” “You’d look so great if you just lost…”

The holidays can be a wonderful time for rest and connection – but let’s face it, they can also be really frickin’ hard. Family members commenting on your body, on their body, on the next-door neighbour’s body. Lots of delicious food, but with lots of not-so-delicious diet talk heaped on top. It can feel overwhelming – but where to start?

Fortunately, you can start here. This webinar will explore ways to navigate difficult conversations with your loved ones this holiday season – whether you’re looking to avoid, engage, educate, or something in between. Attendees will leave with concrete phrases to try out this Thanksgiving and beyond.

“Yes, I’m Really Eating This!” is a free one-hour webinar hosted by The Aleo Collective. It is open to members of the general public, health professionals, and anyone who has a body.

About the presenter:

Lee Thomas (they/them) is a social worker and therapist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Their main areas of expertise are eating disorders and body image concerns, with a special focus on how these issues impact queer and/or neurodivergent individuals. Lee is licensed to work with clients in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta. You can learn more at leethomas.ca or connect with Lee via email at leethomasmsw@outlook.com.

About TAC:

The Aleo Collective is a group of interdisciplinary mental health practitioners who share similar values and approaches to sustainable recovery from eating disorders or disordered eating behaviours. To learn more, visit aleocollective.ca

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