Taking Up Space


November 16


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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fat liberation

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anti-fat bias, eating disorders, fat liberation, fatness, fatphobia, recovery

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The Aleo Collective

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How to honour and connect with our bodies in a fatphobic world

Taking Up Space: How to honour and connect with our bodies in a fatphobic world

In this free webinar from The Aleo Collective, Peer Supporter Dustin LindenSmith (he/him) will affirm how racism, misogyny, fatphobia, and toxic diet culture have conspired to rob us of our birthright to have peaceful relationships with our bodies. He will discuss how to work with body shame in people of all sizes, and how to use mindfulness practices to cultivate body awareness and self-acceptance.

About the Presenter:

Dustin LindenSmith (he/him) is a Peer Supporter with The Aleo Collective who uses his own lived experience & training + a harm reduction approach to support your own form of recovery from eating disorders or issues with your body image or self-image. To contact him, please email dustin@lindensmith.com or visit his website at lindensmith.com.

About TAC:

The Aleo Collective is a group of interdisciplinary mental health practitioners who share similar values and approaches to sustainable recovery from eating disorders or disordered eating behaviours. To learn more, please visit aleocollective.ca

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